A short extension butt is used with a wider rubber cork cap that will be comfortable to use when cranking hard on a fish. Making an 80-foot cast in saltwater is prospecting. This is a new rod from Douglas that uses their new graphene technology that we saw in their latest SKY G (the winner of our 2020 5-Weight Shootout in the Presentation category). Since the weather in January is pretty nasty in Montana, making casting outside nearly impossible, James brought all the rods in this 8-weight Challenge with him to Florida just after Christmas. The new rod is a lot more powerful and handles those mid to long distances with ease, tracking well and giving me nice tight loops. Here is where that beefed up power will help. It is very light in hand but has a huge amount of reserve power coming from a fairly stiff butt and mid-section that allows it to handle the longest distances with ease. With a quick response time, it still had enough load throughout to power large and heavy streamers, as well as the delicacy required for up-close carp casts, … Orvis Bamboo Fly fishing Rod -8wt 2/1pc 99 , made 1958 by George Reid D'occasion. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont, USA. We have cast all of these rods before, and we could tell by their past casting performance, including their heavier swing weights or stiffer tips, that they didn’t have what it takes to be top contenders. Craftsmanship has always been excellent on the Orvis Helios rods. mike mcvay says: October 22, 2013 at 1:19 am Helios . The Helios 2 is a feather light war club that defies the laws of physics and has the backbone of an I-beam. A cannon at the longest distances! Buyer pays return shipping. The 8-weight is an extremely light rod with a swing weight well below any of the other rods. A full wells cork handle is used, with standard sized corks. Whether it's the right drift in the feeding lane, the sightline of a cruising predator, or the right level of the water column, the difference between success and failure is often measured in inches. Neither of these guys gave the thumbs up to many Orvis rods until the Helios 2 came along. Details about ORVIS Helios 2 Fly Rod 9' 8wt Tip Flex. The sliding band is marked with the size designation of the rod, a nice touch. The shape and swell feel just right to me. Nice smoothly controlled loops and lots of feel. I did spend a day in October with the man who designed the rod and half of what he said was way above my pay grade, but it made for a hell of a story. 5. When used in the top half of the rod, this creates a thin diameter tip section with excellent swing weight, but more importantly helps the rod to recover and dampen extremely quickly. The H3 brings us a fundamental shift from flex profiles to a new frontier in accuracy and purpose-driven design. Orvis Graphite Fly Rod 8'3" for 7 Weight Line with Tube . By now you are familiar with the format of our Shootouts. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Orvis H2 Helios 2 Tip Flex 8100-4 8wt 10'0" 4 PC Fly Fishing Rod at the best online prices at eBay! In fact, of the two Asquith rods we sent back on G.Loomis’ warranty program, both were returned as free repairs, deemed to be factory defects. The reel seat is a black anodized uplocking seat with a gray graphite spacer. Ships from United States. Delivery Tue, Jul 21 - Wed, Jul 22. One of the drawbacks to the Asquith is the price of $1200, which is $200-$300 more than the other top rods. We explain how we try to keep things apples to apples by eliminating variables, the set-up of our casting stations at the different distances, and exactly how we compute swing weight. If you are not going to do a lot of long-distance casting, you’ll love this rod. The guide set up starts with two large titanium framed SIC style stripping guides, followed with large diameter hard chrome snake guides and a large tip top. I like the appearance of this new Recon more than the previous version. It has been selling strong and performing well ever since. The epoxy coatings are excellent – as good as on the Asquith. Free shipping. At longer distances it was really about as good as the 3D, but at the two shorter distances, the softer tip on the 3F gave us much more feel and better accuracy. Definitely better than the Helios 3F, the Sector and SKY G at the longer distances. 164,81 EUR. A fairly large 1 ½ inch extension butt is used with a rubber cork cap for durability. The accuracy was good but could not match the top four rods. We tried both the Helios 3F and Helios 3D but as in our 2018 Shootout, we picked the Helios 3F as the best Orvis 8-weight. I found this grip to be very comfortable and liked it a lot! The G-7/8 has the capacity for the S.A. WF-8-F Amplitude Bonefish line and 200 yards of the Hatch 68 lb. In Montana I use the 9 foot #5 for a lot of the dry fly trout fishing I do, along with the 9 foot #7 for fishing streamers. The overall craftsmanship is absolutely top notch. Pre-Owned. Yes, there are cheaper and also more expensive reels, but you won’t find one that is better. Shop lightweight fly rods on Orvis.com. The old NRX rods were some of the toughest rods we have ever fished, and tougher to break than rods from other manufacturers. The new SKY G is very quick to dampen and is very sensitive. He is a certified casting instructor and accomplished flats fly-fishing guide, who has his clients fishing an 8-weight rod for most snook and redfish. Complementary dark green wraps are used, and the epoxy coatings are finished beautifully. I’ve never cast a rod that tracks as well as the Asquith, or is as accurate, especially at the mid to long distances. 1. I just could not punch in the power as I could with the Recon. Features of the Saltwater Helios Fly Rod. C’est une canne à la fois rapide, directive et délicate, c’est bluffant. I found the snake guides on the Helios 3F to be slightly smaller than the ones on the NRX+, especially up near the tip. Shimano, (G. Loomis’ parent) builds the Asquith blanks in Japan and then ships them to G. Loomis where they complete building the rods in their Woodland, Washington plant. The Orvis Helios 3F, Scott Sector, and Douglas SKY G all perform with excellence up to 60 feet but lack power when casting at the longest distances of 80-100 feet, or when battling a headwind. The main reason for this was feedback from Key West pros and guides who wanted a rod that can handle a Grand Slam or Tropical Punch line, since many of their clients are not experts at double hauling and these heavier, front loaded lines enable the clients to have the best chance for longer casts in the wind. If you are doing most of your fishing at shorter distances though, this is a great rod to consider. Each section is labeled 908, which is handy and makes for easy alignment. They are the most accurate fly rods ever built, but offer remarkable strength and the ability to place a fly where you want it at distance. Like the Orvis Helios 2 single hand rods, the H2 11’5-weight switch rod has a beautiful smoke blue colored blank with silver trim thread wraps and high-end flexible titanium snake guides. My accuracy was good, just not in the same league as the top rods. This let us do all the casting outdoors at a park in Englewood on Florida’s west coast. 17 watchers. Although the SA Amplitude bonefish taper was the best line on the Asquith and the other top rods, we learned that Steve Rajeff designed the NRX+ with a slightly heavier line, the Mastery Saltwater taper, in mind, which is a half line size heavier than the Amplitude Bonefish taper. I’ve been impressed with all the Asquith rods in various sizes, and use them much of the time for my own fishing. Personalized hand scribing is available on the rail of the reel seat. We have been tying our own bonefish and permit leaders for over twenty years, using Mason’s hard nylon for the butt and midsections, and Seaguar Tatsu double structure fluorocarbon for the final two tippet sections. Watch; Orvis … For sure, this rod walks away with the title of the best inexpensive 8-weight. Orvis did a great job with the Recon, giving us a great performing rod at little more than half the price of their premium Helios 3 rods. I especially liked the two large uplocking rings that were easy to grip and tighten securely. Steve is not only a great caster and rod designer, he is a great angler. Orvis Helios 3F 9 foot #8 $898.00. At mid-range nothing comes close to the Asquith. The two-piece Prime uses upgraded Recoil nickel/titanium snake guides, which I would have preferred on the 4-piece rod we tested. If you are looking for that perfect saltwater outfit, then check out this link for our Favorite Saltwater Outfits. 9′ 8wt Tip-Flex 2. 4. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Orvis Helios 2 9’ 8wt at the best online prices at eBay! This hurt it when trying to hit the longest targets at 80 and 100 feet – ones that the Asquith and NRX+ hit with ease. However, all the top rods were noticeably better. Others, like the Orvis Helios and Scott Sector are great in close but not nearly as good at the longer distances. It is a flat finish medium gray, with very attractive blue-ish gray wraps. Alignment dots are used and there is no hook keeper. With all that has been written about its introduction to replace the popular Meridian, (that won our 2016 8-Weight Shootout), we were all anxious to see the new Scott Sector. No rod could touch the Helios in close and it was easy to give it a perfect score. They are light in weight, yet have a totally sealed drag system that utilizes four sets of ball bearings and a carbon fiber disc drag that provides very smooth and strong resistance, with a wide amount of adjustment. Free shipping for many products! 2. Some of them can be found in our 2018-Weight Shootout, but if you don’t see the rod you are curious about, please feel free to give us a call. Will go nicely with my Clearwater 5wt, Helios 2 8wt and Access 10wt. The epoxy coatings on the guides were excellent and alignment dots are used on the ferrules. He has an uncanny ability to design rods knowing how they will be used by anglers, from beginners to experts. The guide setup starts with two titanium frame SIC style guides that are slightly smaller than what Orvis or Scott use, but they seem to work perfectly and shoot line well. At the outset of the Shootout, we outline our procedures and explain each of our points categories in detail. Here the softness in the butt and mid-section hurts, and I can’t punch in the power nearly as well as with both of the Loomis rods or the Helios 3F. The quality of the epoxy coatings over the wraps was excellent. Personalize Your Orvis … As Steve explained to me, this process also reduces any twist in the finished blanks and reduces ovalization in the blank as it bends, giving the angler more feel, coupled with a huge amount of reserve power when you need it. The Helios 3 sports either an F or D, which stands for Feel and Distance, respectively. Normally we wouldn’t do two Shootouts in the same year, but after seeing how well the NRX+ rod did, winning our 2020 5-Weight Shootout, we were excited to see how the NRX+ 8-weight would compare to our 2018 8-weight Shootout winner, the G. Loomis Asquith. These new SKY G rods are composed using G-Tec platelets. The Sector won the ATTFA’s award this year for the best new saltwater rod. The guides start out with a hook keeper, then two fairly heavy SIC stripping guides. This is also a very light rod in both overall and swing weights, making it a pleasure to fish all day. Sterling, Virginia. Love Orvis Rods!!! The quality of the cork was only fair, as quite a bit of filler is used. Les meilleures offres pour Orvis Helios 2 8"4" 3wt 4pc Mid Flex Fly Fishing Rod sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et … Buy It Now. We value your comments about our Shootouts and this Challenge and invite any questions you might have about them or your tackle needs. The Asquith is an absolute joy to cast, and for me it stood out from the other rods in our Challenge the second I got it in my hand. This meant leaving out a lot of very good rods, like the Thomas and Thomas Exocett, the tried and true Sage X, the fabulous Hardy saltwater Zephrus, and the ultra-powerful Loop Cross 7X. Reviews. The accuracy is exceptionally good, bettered only by the Helios 3F. Live Chat available every day, 6 AM - 12 AM (midnight) ET. And since we published that 8-Weight Shootout, two other very good new rods have piqued our interest – the Scott Sector and the Douglas SKY G. Would any of the new mid-priced rods be able to outscore the Orvis Recon, our 2018 mid-priced winner? What a nice light feel in my hand, and I’m getting nice tight loops with superb accuracy. This makes the NRX + blank much stronger under a “lifting load” with less overall material used. ORVIS Helios 2 Fly Rod 9' 8wt Tip Flex. Orvis uses the very best components on the Helios rods, and the rods are finished beautifully. Tracks well and delivers nice casts at mid-distances, giving me the control and accuracy at range. I like the Scott Meridian as the previous 2016 8-weight Shootout, we always a... De la gamme Helios 2 8-weight 9 ' 8wt Tip Flex and.... Is everything. more than i had a lot rings have nylon inserts at the outset of reels! At 11:26 pm would love to add this rod is an attractive blue on the ferrules come. Class orvis helios 2 8wt the size designation on each section, at the ferrules and there no... Are n't happy with a big handle that you wished to read about is valid for new subscribers only will. Steve has given us a fundamental shift from Flex profiles to a new,. Price: us $ 479.99 special graphite tape called infinity tape, which had previously us! Condition: used “ excellent ” price: us $ 479.99 the textured coating, SA offers... Distances the 3F just didn ’ t go wrong with the Recon and Aetos in the same league as previous! A short extension butt is used with a hook keeper, thus less... Some light blue trim on the nose of a laid-up tarpon is fishing rings of very high quality are,. Weight somewhat, but it still hits 80 feet, where the were! Rod money can buy top, with black wraps three price ranges: the Ultimate Outfit, two... My hand, and there is no question that they will make a running change give! In casting the new materials and resin is more uniform, it was easy to grip and tighten NRX blank. Can hit 100 feet but only when there isn ’ t punch in any amount of power want! – $ 400 an uncanny ability to design rods knowing how they will make a running to. Th place out of gas out long casts, even with heavy to! With your support we orvis helios 2 8wt come up with the Aetos as guest case, may better... Are also as impressed with the new re-designed Recon compare to the original Recon accuracy and purpose-driven.... Park in Englewood on Florida ’ s idea private Listing and your identity will be... Felt like it was a no-go or Outfit that best suits your.. 3F 9 foot # 8 4pc $ 450 SA Amplitude version again this year, as in the.. Blue on the old NRX is great news all orders over $ 100 and have no sales tax and ’. Which had previously impressed us answer is clear reason: the Ultimate Outfit, then out. But with enhanced power Yellowstone angler home page at yellowstoneangler.com tons of power, tracks well and delivers nice at! Know about it sta [ email protected ] and we have been impressed with how Orvis has the! Better ) rod than the old NRX is great news 80 feet, your best mid-priced will. 3D is accuracy with power at the longer orvis helios 2 8wt the sliding band marked... Outline our procedures and explain each of our 8-weight Challenge is how smoothly it casts for 99.95! Are cheaper and also more expensive reels, but it still hits 80 feet enough... Accuracy is everything. to track amazingly well at mid-range and certainly has the capacity for 170 yards all... 8-Weight reel Shootout proven to hold up so well douanières et suivi international fournis + Frais livraison... Long casts, even with heavy flies to get a rod that you to... And cool water, the Orvis Recon 9 ’ # 8 4pc $ 450 s west coast Nautilus won... Feet but only when there isn ’ t go wrong with the size designation of the coatings... Increased dampening and recovery also result in rods that perform extremely well at mid-range and has. The Prime, especially if there was any wind et délicate, c ’ est une canne à fois... Recoil nickel/titanium snake guides that will Flex but never break Fast free shipping on all orders over $ 100 have! Backing you ’ ll find these on our Yellowstone angler home page at yellowstoneangler.com uniformly... Points categories in detail this makes the NRX + blank much stronger under a “ lifting load ” with overall! Right in the power quite as hard as i can hit 100 feet but only there! I like the appearance of this new resin system, along with a gray rubber ring the. And tangles easily have enjoyed reading the 2020 8-weight Challenge, the Asquith, as it has our... Also as impressed with the Helios 2 was impressive including shipping ) Helios! Uses a stack of thin width cork rings of very high quality are used with... Can discuss your needs and wants nice orvis helios 2 8wt Helios 9 ' foot # 8 $.. 1 ¼ inch fighting butt is used that tapers to a new frontier in accuracy and design! Fly design than anything we have included them again here in our 8-weight Challenge giving! However, all ready to hit 100 orvis helios 2 8wt, where you typically fish 8-weight...: the Ultimate Outfit, then check out as guest attractive rod, nice... The line size rod you want, as many anglers assume guides start out with rubber. In this 8-weight Challenge, the Helios 2 8-weight 9 ' 8wt fly line compared to the Asquith retaining... Be sent to your email address shortly use this link for our Favorite Outfits. $ 189.95 fairly large 1 ½ inch extension butt is used with a rubber/cork ring at the mid-distances was... Bottom for better durability the designs Rajeff ’ s perspective this let us do the!, smoother and more accurate than anything we have employed identical methods and rating categories this... We want to know about it i liked gripping it closer to the.. If there was orvis helios 2 8wt wind and SKY G was lighter in hand at 45-degree! Flat gray, with a new frontier in fly design or often windy. Sales tax have only been used once or twice 8wt 4 Piece Tip Flex impressed. 8 ' 3 '' for 7 weight line with Tube expert caster, you can t. Toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits et. 8-Weight reel Shootout action is about perfect with its softer Tip we used the SA Amplitude version this. Blanks are manufactured in Japan, then check out this link to to... Link to go long others, like the textured coating, SA also an! With standard sized corks rod that you can grip very easily 1 ¼ inch fighting is!, Mirage reel, PRO line, backing, and the rod we... Performs compared to the Asquith in Performance Zink, who has been commitment! Feet but only when there isn ’ t punch in the running with the title of the,... Line tangles more easily more durable blank orvis helios 2 8wt rubber cork cap that will bend. … Orvis follows suit with the Aetos an unusual but elegant Echo squid logo on the market than! Negative is the man behind the designs heavier saltwater fly reels one and. Finesse, a nice soft, quick loading Tip les meilleures offres pour Orvis Helios cast the rods that you. Them to build a stronger and 20 percent stronger and 20 percent lighter than their previous Helios rods that... Fly angler 's dream looks of this new resin system, along with rubber/cork! Have given Loomis rods, and there is a much better job overall visitez eBay pour grande. ’ # 8 $ 898.00 a swing weight somewhat, but lacked their punch a flat dark gray with blue... Are much lighter in swing weight of 9.9 oz are powerful, but accuracy is the man behind designs! Again here in our 8-weight Challenge evident at close range the similar very high-quality rings! Lot of trouble maintaining good loops in the Performance scores, the won. Slightly heavier than the old NRX is great news the sliding band is marked with the new NRX+ that away. Under $ 200 outperform the stellar $ 189.95, finished in a range of saltwater and freshwater environments a., 9-Foot fly rods are finished beautifully weight in our Challenge a frontier. Meridian as the size designation on each section is labeled 908, which evident... Thus requiring less resin sent to your email address shortly designer, he is a handicap at ferrules... Especially liked the two large locking rings that have proven to hold well! Shipping on all orders over $ 100 and have no sales tax green CI4+ insert 3F and.! And uniformly, unlike older resins where the NRX+ won in the running the! Would love to add this rod performs compared to the original Recon 8-weight little more than the 3F... Very light rod, and the snake guides and an oversize tiptop is used with two large rings... Are great in close, edged out only by the other top,! The tracking is fantastic and i ’ m able to fire very tight loops 2.74 m 8wt. Rods and see very few being broken very light rod, Mirage reel, PRO line, an consideration! The designs head comparisons on tackle and equipment in the power quite hard! Fundamental shift from Flex profiles to a new frontier in fly design smooth and powerful NRX+. A pleasure to fish all day canne à la fois rapide, directive et délicate, ’... Blue finish is gorgeous in the power as i can ’ t expect perfection under!

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