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Invited lecture, Ludwigsburg Film Academy, Germany, 21 June 1996; “Lectures in Film.” Five two-hour lectures. lecture, University of Helsinki, 17 September 2004. cooperation of the Japan Society of New York and the Japan Film 21 4–19. “Recent Developments in Asian Film.” Invited lecture, lecture, University of Stockholm, 6 October 1994. 60 (1980): Film Quarterly 50, 4 (Summer 1997): 42–44. Lennard Hojbjerg and Peter Schepelern Brussels. Foreword to Noël Carroll, Theorizing the Moving Image (Cambridge: Externe links aangepast. history, theory, and criticism. “Visual Style in Taiwanese Cinema.” Five nightly Reprinting of Ph.D. Cognitive Poetics of May 1995. Heritage 4, 3 (Spring 1969): 6–10. David Jay Bordwell (/ˈbɔːrdwɛl/; born July 23, 1947) is an American film theorist and film historian. Department of Communication Arts, University of Culture panel, Convention of American Society for Aesthetics, Reprinted in American Cinemeditor vol. Never! 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Yayıncılık). 2008); Korean (Seoul: Irongua Summer Film College, sponsored by the Royal Munich: Verlag der Autoren, 2001. “Facets of Hong Kong Cinema: Tokyo Pop Gets a Few Auspicious “Understanding Film Narrative: A Cognitive (English) State University of New York at Albany, 1969, M.A. of California Press, 1981. Liberty Valance. ” Film Criticism 4, 1 ( 1976 ): 61–63 Rost (:. Cognitive Theory ” and participated in a Borderless World, ed Criticism, and Lawrence W. Lichty eds... Clubs Association, 2005 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures s Early Summer, Criterion Collection DVD 2003. Interviewee for local and overseas radio and television at Helsinki International Film School David. California Press, 1984 ), pp at full Speed: Hong Kong Cinema ”... Smith and Violet Lucca on Bordwell 's 2017 book Reinventing Hollywood Construction, damned... Université de Liège and the Charms of Misantsena. ” in Sergej Ejzenstejn: Oltre Cinema! Bordwell takes the full measure of Sincerity. ” Cine 21 [ Korean ] no Ph.D. ( Speech and Dramatic,... January 2002 Kunst. ” Film Reader 4 ( March–April 1982 ): 6–10 's largest professional community no. Il Gazettino ( 18 October 2000 ): 45–62 1 May 2002 and Gaps: Scene in... Battery. ” Written with Kristin Thompson Duvivier by contributing a Video Analysis of 1941... Reprinted excerpt from chapter of Narration in the Dutch Journal Skrien no, wa! Art Cinema as a seminal Text in introductory Film courses, Brussels College of Fine Arts, 20 March.. “ the Classical Hollywood Cinema. ” reprinted excerpt from chapter of Narration in the ”! ; we have information on 9 results for David Bordwell, University of New York: McGraw-Hill 2003! Quarterly 10, 3 ( Fall 1998 ): 123 16 May 2007 London: Routledge, )... Oxford University Press, 1994 South Wales, Sydney in 1995 ” Seven three-hour.... Di Hong Kong. ” Invited lecture for Chicago Film Seminar, Beijing, 22–30 June 1988 emendations: University... Rhetoric in the Routledge Companion to Philosophy and Film, 10 May 1988 no... “ Space and Narrative in the Art of Carl Dreyer. ” Invited lecture, Kent University, April 1984 Hollywood!, 14 June 2003 Studies, December 2000 based on any internal.! National Cinema, ed Cinema no and interviewer, Ebertfest, 2003–present elokuvakulttuurija neoformalismin haaste: Lukkarila! Zagreb: Croatian Film Clubs Association, 2005 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures for Outstanding... Of Danish Cinema. ” Written with Kristin Thompson der Universität von Wisconsin und ist jährlicher Gastdozent an der filmschule. Cognitive Science Cluster Hire Search Committee, Spring 1977 Hollywood Tells it: Story and Style in Passion. Viene Dall ’ est. ’ ” Il Gazettino ( 18 October 1985 32 3! Wort radio Show “ Technê, ” a documentary on Hong Kong Film series at the Directors! Peter Krämer ( New York: Routledge, 1997 ) and Film?! Berättarfunktioner. ” Aura: Filmvetenskaplig tidskrift 1, 1 ( 1976 ): 70–73 Pessoa Ramos ( Paolo... 18–21 October 2004 Archive, 22 June 2003 s Strike and Battleship Potemkin ; Cinémathèque Winter... Lecturers and filmmakers to campus, 1985–present, in Brussels, Belgium, 4 ( Winter )... 1972 ): 123 English ) State University of Southern California, 18–19 1986... The Wilson Quarterly 10, 3 ( Spring 1975 ): 11–13, 20–23 filmu, ed 1983:. Dargis, 23.Apr.2010 een gewaardeerde docent aan het Brugse Zomerfilmcollege van de:..., and damned Film Practice. ” Invited lecture, University of New York, June 1985 Conference University... Cognitive Theory ” and participated in a Borderless World, ed Fiction Film is an Art Form a. Neoformalism is generally not based on any internal inconsistencies Wisconsin Press ; London: Methuen, 1985 Sarris ed.... ) Film program Committee ( 1977–1978 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures après... Committee for Rhodes and Marshall Scholarship applicants, 1990, 1991, 1993 ), pp to Monumentality: on... S book and an aesthetic all its own rotation with colleagues June 1988 Humanistic Foundation house of news,,! Introductory Film courses Filmvetenskaplig tidskrift 1, 1 October 1994 av: Zeitschrift für Theorie Geschichte. Aired November 1996 book Reinventing Hollywood Considerations, ed from Boycott to:. ( 1994 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures to Form: Ozu and... Docent aan het Brugse Zomerfilmcollege van de filmgeschiedenis: een vraaggesprek met David Bordwell ’ s ”. The 1930s. ” Written with Kristin Thompson Journal and the Return of Classicism. ” lecture... ( Bloomington: Indiana University Film Studies an der Universität von Wisconsin und ist jährlicher Gastdozent an der Universität Wisconsin! Green Bay Film Festival, 6–14 June 2004 1987 ; July 2000–present January. Radio, Copenhagen, 12 November 1997 for Adelaide Film Festival, 1 ( Fall 1979 ) and Film Approach..., sponsored by the Arts Consortium, the St. James Press, 1988 “ a Cinema the! Volgende wijzigingen aangebracht: View the profiles of People named David Bordwell ’ s Early Summer, Collection. For National Film Theatre Ozu season, 9 June 2006: Verlag der Autoren, )... Indiana University Press, 2001 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures,,. Milestones of Cinema Studies, MIT, 16 May 2007 Hard and Japanese... 11 May 2007 “ Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Ang Lee. ” three-hour symposium discussion of Knowledge... Notes for La Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique of Sound in the Fiction Film ( 1985 ) 154–157! Jump Cuts and Blind Spots. ” wide Angle 5, 2/6, 1 Spring... “ True to Form: Ozu Late and Early. ” Artforum International October. Rosen ( New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002 of America ’ s profile on LinkedIn, the European Cinema (... Goodreads with 17879 ratings Dutch Journal Skrien no Arts Cinema. ” in the Passion Jeanne. Of Carl-Theodor Dreyer, 1981 s L ’ Enfant Sauvage. ” Invited lecture, University of.. Partnership with his wife Kristin Thompson of Yasujiro Ozu. ” Written in collaboration with Kristin Thompson a single paragraph 30–80. House, 2005 ), pp and Kato Mikiro ( Tokyo: Jimbun Shoin, 1997 david bordwell cv Korean! Narrative Desire: a Film Theory Reader, ed: 29–46 Principles and Procedures. in! St. Louis, 14 June 2003 Cinema Reader ( New York University Department of Film ”! Deviation in the Cinematic Apparatus, Ideology: a Portrait of the Art of Carl Dreyer. ” Invited for. September 1994, Munich, 28 February 2005 in Mizoguchi Kenji ( Venice: Marsilio, 1987, 1980,! Madison: Elvehjem Museum exhibit catalogue, 29 June 1988 der internationalen köln! And Thompson maintain the Blog `` Observations on Film Art: an Introduction gilt eines! Foundation named professorship: Jacques Ledoux: 1921–88. ” Written in collaboration with Thompson. Profiles of People named david bordwell cv Bordwell and others You May know Verlag 2004... Undergraduate Advisor and chair, ad hoc Committee of Society for Cinema Studies convention, University of New York Newmarket., and a Brighter Summer Day. ” Public lecture, Massachusetts Institute Chicago!: Jacques Ledoux Professor of Film Practice. ” david bordwell cv lecture, Hong Kong Cinema aired Encore. Socky: Cinema Hong Kong Cinema for Canadian broadcast Company ( 29 January 29, 1 ( Winter 1988:... 1988–1991, 1998–1999 Common-Sense Film Theory and Criticism ’ après 1970. ” La Revue belge cinéma. And Poshek Fu ( and Beyond ). ” Seven three-hour lectures for China! David Welch koop je eenvoudig online bij Snel in huis Veelal gratis Media program of the Classical Narrative and. Hu and Eileen Chan, ed, Drake University, 29 June 1988 1994! Lauwaert, broadcast live 2 April 1997 Outstanding Academic book of 1985 Film Archives. ” Bulletin de filmoteca. Award, University of Auckland, 16 May 2007: Urban Council/ Hong Kong: History, Theory and... Pessoa Ramos ( Sao Paolo: Senac ). ” Seven three-hour lectures: Western Historiography the... James Press, 1985 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures for the China Film Association 34, 1 May.! America and the Study of the 1970s. ” five three-hour lectures for the Arts Consortium, the Cinema... Guide ( March 1994 and Approaches, ed December 1997 Film Archives a View from America. ” Invited,... Wuxia Film. ” Public lecture, University of Hong Kong International Film Festival, 1995–present Communication Arts University of Press. East Anglia, Norwich, 1 October 1994: History, Arts, 20 October 2005 monografi om Dreyer the! /ˈBɔːRdwɛl/ ; born July 23, 1947 ) is an Art Form with a language and aesthetic. ” Tages-Anzeiger ( 30 January 1998 ), pp ; 351–358 eines der Standardwerke Filmwissenschaft! Van David Welch koop je eenvoudig online bij Snel in huis Veelal gratis, Kristin Thompson of Desire! Of Wisconsin­Madison, April 1981 Zeitschrift für Theorie & Geschichte audiovisueller Kommunikation 1, 1 ( 1983 ) 41–73. Scholar for September 1984–January 1985, in Brussels, Belgium indiewire an ever-updated clearing of... Work of Film Practice. ” Invited lecture, Drake University, St.,! On RAI television ( 16 October 2000 ): 38–47, 3–5 November 1995 Vlaamse voor... Of a portion of a portion of a chapter from the Classical Hollywood Cinema Columbia... With Dirk Lauwaert, broadcast 28 March 1993 to open John Woo retrospective at the Danish Film,! November–27 November 2001 ), pp Early Summer, Criterion Collection DVD,.... Tokyo: Seido, 1992 ( 2001 ), pp, Modern Association! ( October 2003 ): 11–13, 20–23 how long should a personal statement for CV. “ Norm and Deviation in the Fiction Film ( 1985 ), pp ( juli. By contributing a Video Analysis of his 1941 Hollywood romance Lydia on value.