Can't find on the can that you can use it over paint. Price: $80.00 – $90.00 a gallon kit. Wipe the area with a damp cloth. When the area is dry, apply two coats of spray primer. Mar 6, 2014 #13 Thanks guys. The old nitrocelular glazing putty's (red, one part) were used over primer; bleow base coat, only for filling deep sanding scratches, about the thickness of a fingernail. You do not want to apply more pressure to one area over another as this can result in a scratch or dent in the glazing putty itself. I have never had a problem using spot putty over urethane primer. I apply the spot putty in one thin coat and let it dry. You can use glaze putty over primer. Unlike many 2-part putties which can require longer to dry, Bondo Glazing & Spot Putty is sandable in as little as 30 minutes. KO . 69 ss rs full custom camaro 98 ISCA grandchampion 69 ss rs bb camaro wifes driver 66 Elcamino 350/all dz parts,ac,windows,loaded,my driver This 1-part nitrocellulose putty dispenses easily and efficiently right from the tube with no mixing, affords a 3-minute working time and is sandable in 30 minutes for fast, efficient repairs. also u should use a lacquer primer or a fill and sand primer over bondo before u use the regular primer because it … if u used a lacquer primer or a fill and sand primer all u have to do is sand it abit and then u can use your spot putty, but i recommend using Icing as a filler for scratchs and pin holes. It's done all the time. if u used a regular primer i would sand it off before applying the putty. If you can see the bondo outline, you should block sand the repair area to get it straight, and then feather sand the bondo edges, applying spot putty as needed. At least sand through it to the primer, then spot in the flaws. Dolphin glaze is another brand that I use for scratches, nicks and chips in body parts or body filler.. Quick and easy to use, dries hard and fast. Sandable in only 30 minutes. I use bondo-cote mastic/polyester glazing putty over primer, but never over paint. Look for the areas that the primer remained after sanding and you'll find the low areas. It also shrinks very little over time, helping to … Feather fill G2 is meant to spray over a lot of body filler that’s cut and shaped with 60-80 grit.If you use this, I would spray over a 100 – 150 grit sanded surface. Product Features: Great for filling pinholes in body filler or minor cracks and holes in almost any surface; Can be sanded and painted Newer spot fillers are two part, much like a runny version of bondo; but again, the less of it … Very slight/shallow lows are already filled by the primer, but deeper, more stubborn irregularities will require a treatment with the 3M spot putty. Be sure to have the area sanded with at least a 150 so the filler has some TOOTH to grab to. I wouldn't apply spot putty over Rustoleum. Mar 6, 2014 #14 Lizer;34800 said: your not doing anything. I do like to scuff the primer first. ... You CAN apply over sanded 2k primer, or bare metal. Troy _____ If you don't make mistakes. Bondo® Glazing & Spot Putty is easy to use, dries fast and stays durable, ideal for filling pinholes in body filler and covering auto body scratches, paint chips and minor dings. I'll see if I can find some. Might take several small applications to get it right. I know a lot of people use it during priming, but go ahead and use it in body filler. Can be used with other auto body repair materials. K. kortensi. crashtech Combo Man. It is non-staining, so it won’t affect the color of paint or finishes around the repair area. Bondo Glazing & Spot Putty is a 1-part putty that fills imperfections, pinholes in body filler, scratches, paint chips and minor dings. Also Know, can you paint over spot putty?